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Sewing Kit With the holidays continuing their slow march up the calendar, I know that many of you will be hitting the road to visit friends and family. This shouldn’t mean that you have to leave your craft behind. Here are some tips to make your travels more craft friendly.

Pack it to go – Grab one of your tote bags and start adding all your crafting accessories needed for your current project. For my knitting projects, I keep a small zippered pouch stocked with small scissors, a tape measure, darning needle and stitch marker. I throw that in along with my yarn, needles and my pattern.

In the air – Knitting needles, small scissors under 4 inches, and sewing needles are permitted in carry on luggage. TSA recommends that your knitting needles be made of plastic or wood/bamboo, but metal needles are permitted. They urge caution if for some reason your supplies could be constituted as weapons, and suggest you bring a self addressed stamped envelope in case your items need to be shipped, but I’ve never had an issue.

Over land – If you are lucky enough to be able to travel by public transportation, I highly recommend it. The metro or train is where I sometimes get the best craft time in. I can concentrate on my project and the announcer always alerts me when my stop is coming up! If you must drive, try and work out a deal where you share the driving, ensuring you can still craft during your travels.

At Gatherings – Make sure to test the air at any holiday gathering before pulling out your project. While we know that we can easily multitask our craft and conversation, others might think it rude to craft while at their house. As parties and dinners wind down and small groups break off from the larger crowd, it might be more acceptable to pull out your project then.

Have any more travel or holiday travel craft tips? Please share in the comments!

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