Handmade Holidays: Stockings Made from Scrap Fabric

Holiday stockings don’t need to be made from plush furry fabric or rich red velvet. They can be made from any fabric you like that reflects your style, eclectic tastes, or interior decor.

A long time ago I worked for a furniture store. One day they were clearing out all the sample fabric swatches and books that had been discontinued. And what were they going to do with it all?

Toss it in the dumpster. Stacks and stacks of rich, fancy, and fabulous pieces of fabric. All to the trash. I just couldn’t let it happen.

Now I know I’ve mentioned several times that I don’t sew, much to my chagrin, but I just couldn’t let all that beautiful fabric end up in a landfill somewhere. So I brought it home. And started brainstorming.

Since then these pieces of fabric have become pillows, bags, window blinds, a quilt in progress and perhaps the cutest things made is the crafty little holiday stockings.

Basic stockings are easy to make you just make a pattern in a stocking shape that will fit the size fabric you need, remember you’ll need two mirror image pieces to fit back to back to each other so make sure the stocking pattern is the right size to accommodate two pieces of stocking out of the fabric you have.

And the fabric, well you can use any type of fabric. You can even get creative and make funky stocking designs like high heeled boots, elfin shoes, or even a Santa boot depending on the fabric you have.

And the embellishments are endless: lace, buttons, ribbons, other fabric, bows, jewels…just use what you have.

By using what you have on hand you keep it green, have fun, use your creativity and make a lovely handmade holiday craft.

The stockings will make pretty holiday decorations or you can fill them with goodies and give as gifts.

4 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Stockings Made from Scrap Fabric”

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  3. Cool! Many eons ago when my kids were little we were a military family and had zero money to spare for Christmas decorations. I made their stockings out of old blue jeans that were no longer wearable; I cut out the biggest pieces I could, sewed them together and then cut out the stocking shapes, making sure to use the pockets, too. They LOVE those stockings to this day (they are now 30 & 32) and, even years later when we had money and I bought them fancy stockings, they wanted to use the patched up ones!

  4. Deborah,

    I love it, blue jean stockings. Blue jeans are a favorite even when they can’t be worn anymore and crafty things made out of them are so amazing…and often heartfelt and full of memories.

    I bet those are so wonderul, it’s no wonder your kids still love those stockings best of all.

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