Green Guilt: That time I got confused and didn’t buy water-based spray paint.

Green Guilt: That time I got confused and didn't buy water-based spray paint.

We all get misled or confused sometimes when we’re buying craft supplies. When that happens, it’s easy to give in to green guilt and kick yourself. This is the story of the time that I tried to buy some Krylon H2O to review and accidentally bought plain old stinky spray paint.

Why am I telling this story? Because this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. And I bet that there’s been a time when you thought you were buying a green craft supply and got mixed up. After discovering my mistake my gut reaction was to beat myself up. But does that green guilt do us any good?

I want to say clearly that no one lied to me. Krylon and Amazon didn’t mislead me. I just got excited about a project and got confused.

My husband and I are slowly updating our previously very ugly, very 90s kitchen. The woman who owned this house before we did had some interesting design ideas, and we’ve spent the last eight years in this house methodically undoing her work.

We finally replaced the horrible peach and slate blue checkerboard floors with beautiful white tile. Now that the floors aren’t overshadowing the whole room, my mission is to make the bright, cheery, orange and lime green kitchen of my dreams!

(Lime) Green Guilt and Denial

One of the little projects I had in mind was updating our kitchen chalkboard. Since our old kitchen was covered in color already, I went with white when I first made this chalkboard. Now that we’ve updated, it was time to reface this sucker and turn it lime green.

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Painting an already-painted picture frame felt like the perfect chance to try out a product I’ve been eying: Krylon H2O. It’s a water-based spray, low VOC paint that’s supposed to smell pretty neutral. Perfect! Выбор онлайн казино России требует от игрока ответственного подхода. Многие пользователи безответственно относятся к данному вопросу, что часто приводит к различных сложностям, проблемам или потерям средств. Обращая внимание на честный рейтинг казино на деньги онлайн по отзывам, можно в значительной степени упростить процесс выбора. Дело в том, что официальный рейтинг казино онлайн России использует уникальные методы изучения и тестирования деятельности казино, что позволяет формировать топ лучших онлайн казино, которые имеют лицензию и представляют подходящие условия игры.

I hopped onto Amazon, placed an order, and waited (somewhat) patiently. The can arrived, and I noticed that it didn’t say H2O on it. “Hmmm,” I thought, “They must be rebranding!”

Last week I finally got to bust out my prized can of lime green paint. I taped up my chalkboard, so only the frame would be painted:

Chalkboard Redo

Then I sprayed away! “Hmm,” I thought, “This smells stronger than I anticipated.  I will mention that in my review.” I kept painting, then snapped a lovely photo, so that you could see the can next to the pretty lime green frame:

Lime Green Spray Paint

As I sat down to write my review, I started looking for more information about Krylon H2O, so that I could share everything about it with you. “Hmm,” I thought, “Did I screw this up?”

That is when I realized that this paint I’d hunted and waited patiently for was totally not what I meant to order. And of course I ignored all signs that something was up, because I was so focused on my project. I got sad, I got mad at myself, and I considered just getting rid of my lime green guilt chalkboard. And then I realized that I was being silly.

Sometimes despite our best efforts we choose a product that’s not the green alternative we thought it was. Since I’d already used this paint, I wasn’t able to return it. All that I can do at this point is enjoy my lime green chalkboard and make sure to be more careful when I order paint next time.

So, spill it, fellow green crafters! Have you accidentally ordered something that didn’t align with your crafty ethics? Did you realize it in time? I told you mine – wanna tell me yours?

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