Finding Green Craft Inspiration

t-shirt quiltDo you ever feel like you are burnt out from green crafting? Or have you ever hit a dry spell with reusing and repurposing? I mean, how many different ways can you upcycle t-shirts? I’m sure you’ve had moments when you can not think of one more way to use up a scrap of fabric. So where do you find inspiration? How can you find the creativity to continue to craft reusing materials?

Let’s find out what you can do when you burnout from green crafting or when you hit a dry spell.

1. Crafting a Green World– Browse our ultimate website for green crafting and find a plethora of ideas on what you can do to use up that fabric stash, repurpose t-shirts or denim pants. Whatever you want to do with the leftover resources you have, chances are we’ll have tips on how to reuse them. Check here before you go anywhere else or donate them or throw them out (the ultimate sin!)

2. Take a break – store away your craft items and don’t think about what to create with them. Take a break from always thinking about starting a project right away. Inspiration happens when you least expect it, so step away from the particular material or project for awhile. I putupcycling my broken bag on hold for awhile before I tackled it and once I started, I finished it in less than a day!

3. Go Window Shopping – search on Etsy and see what other handmade artists are doing. You can get inspired by so many creative Etsians.Β Use the search feature under ‘Handmade’ or ‘All Items” and type in your material and see what is available for sale. Or if you can narrow it down to a category of items, you can search according to Category on the left hand side as well. Or to be more specific, you can also search on Eco Etsy and see what these uber creative ecoetsians are selling. They only sell green crafts. You can also search by category buttons on the left sidebar.

4. Google it! – you can Google how to make things or ‘what’ to make by googling your material or category of items you want to make.

5.Β  Ask your family – believe it or not, your family packs a wealth of knowledge. They know what you can make. They know your creativity level. Get them involved and ask them for their opinion on what you should make with “(blank)”. They’ll be thrilled to give you ideas.

So, what do you do when you run out of ideas?

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  1. I can certainly vouch for #5, ask your family.Β  My kids are a great resource for ideas, because they think anything is possible!Β  They can come out with some crazy (good) ideas which is a terrific place to get your crafty mojo back!

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