Green Business Cards: A Moo Review

green business cards

As a crafty business owner, business cards are a must! I am all about making your own business cards if you have the time, but let’s be honest: sometimes, you have to prioritize. When time doesn’t allow for making cards, the next best thing is finding business cards that are as eco-friendly as possible.

There are quite a few green printers out there, and I’ve ordered cards from many of them. When the folks at Moo approached me about trying out their new line of green business cards for a review, I jumped at the chance! They let me design my own pack of 100 green cards to try out, and to make a long review short, I love them!

Green Business Cards with Green Cred

Moo prints their green cards on 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. They also come in a sweet little box that’s made from recycled wood pulp and is recyclable as well.

green business cards box

Not only is the box recyclable, they encourage you to do my favorite of the 3 R’s: reuse it! Each box comes with dividers (you can see them in the back of the box above) to organize your business cards into yours and ones that you’ve collected. Very cool!

Moo Green Business Card Review

Since these cards are eco-friendly, they aren’t the high gloss situation you’d associate with regular Moo cards or Moo business cards. That glossy coating is plastic, so they skip it. You also can’t get rounded corners when you order the green paper for some reason. That was definitely a bummer, because I love me some rounded corners.

The cards are nice and thick, and the image quality on them is excellent. What makes Moo cards really special is that you can customize your pack. You create a fromt of the card design that’s consistent on all of the cards in your pack, but the back of the card design can be different on every single card, no extra charge. That means I could have gotten 100 different images of my work on these cards. It makes your pack of business cards into a sort of miniature portfolio of your work.

green business card spread

Since I run crafting and food websites, I did a mix of photos of my favorite tutorials and recipes. If you sell your work, you could divide your pack with photos of different items in your line. That way, if a customer is looking at a particular item at a craft market, you have a card that not only has your information on it but a photo on the back to remind her that you’re the one who sold the monster plush or the recycled sari silk flower necklaces that she was admiring.

Overall, I was really happy with these green business cards, and I’d definitely order them again. The only thing on my wish list is rounded corners. Fingers crossed that they’ll start offering this for the green line of business cards soon!

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