GOTS: The Key to Truly Sustainable Organic Cotton

GOTS: The key to finding truly sustainable organic cottonOrganic cotton is much better for the planet and the people, and GOTS certification can help you be sure you’re getting the most sustainable organic cotton available.

We know that conventional cotton is the pits, right? It’s something I write about a lot in this space. If you want to read up a bit on the troubles with conventional cotton, here’s some additional reading that you can check out:

Organic Cotton & GOTS

Organic cotton is a natural choice when you’re looking for an alternative to dirty conventional cotton. But it turns out that some organic cotton is better than others.  That’s where GOTS certification comes in. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it’s a third-party certification that can help consumers find truly sustainable organic cotton fabric.

Want more deets on GOTS, how it works, and how to find GOTS-certified cotton? Our sister site Sustainablog wrote a great piece about this organic cotton certification. You can read the whole thing below!

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Organic Cotton Fabric: Beyond the Harvest (via sustainablog)

Most of love our clothes made of cotton, but more and more of us also realize that cotton grown by conventional agricultural practices is a pretty dirty crop: massive amounts of pesticides and water are used in its growth. Organic practices dramatically…

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