Giveaway: Win Three Skeins of Knit Picks Full Circle Yarn–There Will be TWO Winners!

Knit Picks Full Circle Bulky Yarn in Royal

Did you read my review of Knit Picks Full Circle yarn yesterday? Do you want to check out some of this 100% reclaimed wool yarn for yourself?

You’re in luck! Knit Picks is giving away three skeins of their Full Circle yarn to two (count them, TWO) lucky winners! Read on to discover all the ways that you can enter this giveaway.


  • The contest is open to those living in the Continental U.S.
  • Post a separate comment for each entry–otherwise, our random number generator can’t count all your entries.
  • Enter a current email address into the form provided every time you comment. We don’t share or sell your email addresses, and Knit Picks has to have it to ask you where you want your brand-new yarn sent!

Here are all the possible ways to enter the giveaway. You may enter as many or as few times as you wish:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling us a favorite yarn project. You may do this once a day throughout the giveaway.
  2. Like Knit Picks on Facebook. Leave one comment on this post telling us that you Like Knit Picks.
  3. Like Crafting a Green World on Facebook. Leave one comment on this post telling us that you Like Crafting a Green World.
  4. Subscribe to the Knit Picks channel on Youtube. Leave one comment on this post telling us that you’ve subscribed.
  5. Listen to or subscribe to the Knit Picks podcast. Leave one comment on this post telling us which podcast you like best!
  6. Follow Knit Picks on Twitter. Leave one comment on this post telling us that you follow Knit Picks.

This giveaway will close at 7:oo am EST on Sunday, April 15. You can expect a post announcing our lucky winners to show up the next day right back here at Crafting a Green World.

281 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Three Skeins of Knit Picks Full Circle Yarn–There Will be TWO Winners!”

  1. Heather DeFilippis

    One of my favorite knitting projects was a bunny hat for my son. It was the pattern from Stitch Nation and I made it out of Red Heart Eco-Friendly Yarn. It was a gift for his first Easter, which he wasn’t able to spend at home because he was still in the NICU. We do have pictures of him sort-of wearing it, though, and they are some of the most precious pictures I have of him.

  2. I love knitpicks! Loved them for a while now! I think my favorite thing about them is the quality of yarn they sell… and I love making doggie sweaters out of them… or scarves… not doggie scarves..

  3. I learned to knit recently and loved it! I’ve made several scarves (so I guess my favorite yarn project has been a multicolor scarf I made for my daughter) and would like to try to do a hat and socks next.

  4. I follow you on FB and Twitter. I also really enjoy your catalog and website! And I’m knitting mittens with needles from you right now. Thanks for loving us back!

  5. I’m an obsessed knitter, so it’s rather difficult to choose my favorite project 🙂 today I think I’d say… baby hats! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity(ies)!

  6. I love all projects especially baby items but right now I’m working on WingSpan using Knitpicks Chroma and the colors are amazing.

  7. I already liked Knit Picks!….I also want to see the videos so I did subcribe to the YouTube channel
    My favorite patterns are shawls/wraps….they are gauge free usually and fit most people…currently working on a shawl!

  8. I get in a mood for a type of project and then that is a favorite… recently it was blankets and I’m moving on to tops or sweaters now. I think my favorite thing I ever made was a purse, one of the first real projects I completed. I gave it to my sister as a gift and even lined it with fabric.

  9. My favorite project lately (there have been so many!) is the shawl I made for my aunt. It was just a simple Multnomah, in DK weight from KP.
    I’m planning on making another soon using Full Circle!

  10. My favorite project to knit is most anything, especially when I can learn something new, which is most of the time.

  11. I have enjoyed making cuffs for paper coffee cups from random scraps of yarn. I really like doing ribbing, and I have a pattern for these that is based on ribbing. I have done these with all kinds of yarn, including Full Circle, and I plan to give them to friends and colleagues for Christmas! I should have quite a collection by then.

  12. My favorite things to knit are toys. My favorite right now are Fuzzy Mitten’s zebras using Knit Picks Chroma

  13. my favorite knitting is lace i just love blocking it when im done its like watching a ugly catipillar turn inyo an amazing butterfly!

  14. I have Subscribed to the Knit Picks channel on Youtube.
    I got a circle knitting loom for Christmas & the Full Circle Yarn will be perfect for the hats project I am thinking of.

  15. I love knit picks! I love to knit colorwork ..not only beautiful but great way to use up scraps from other projects!

  16. I love the idea of Full Circle yarn! Using every bit possible has always been my motto, and I’m glad to see my favorite yarn brand thinks like me!

  17. Consider this my 1 to 5=)
    My favorite yarn project recently is the Crocodile Booties in Chroma
    I’ve like 2 and 3
    Subscribed to 4 and I can’t wait to watch these videos!!
    I do listen to the podcast and am so jealous of all the wonderful things that you all get to do! From traveling to all the fiber events, playing with new yarns, and learning new things….sigh……
    I can’t imagine getting paid to do such wonderful things!!!!!

  18. Hmmm. I seem to have issues with this posting.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I already follow Knit Picks on Facebook. 🙂

  19. My favorite project to knit is anything at Christmas. It is such a rush to get all of the gift knitting done, but such a joy to be able to give a handmade, carefully thought out gift to friends and family.

  20. Patricia Weeks

    Socks are my favorite project, but I seem to make dishcloths constantly because family and friends keep asking for them.

  21. Ann Kinderknecht

    I already liked Knit Picks….shawls and wraps are my favorites to work on….they fit all:)…like simple knits as not as advanced as others…working on a shawl and a neckscarf as gifts…

  22. I really love making useful objects, especially when I see the items in use! I made can cozies for my mother’s boyfriend for Christmas, and he uses them every day!

  23. Karen Hirschfeld

    I love the knit picks tutorials on you tube. I also follow knit picks on Twitter and on Facebook. My favorite project is socks but I have my eye on a beautiful shawl pattern.

  24. One of my newest fun yarn projects to do is two at a time, toe up, magic loop socks. I used the free pattern from Knit Picks.

  25. I’ve already been listening to the Knitpicks podcast for years, get their weekly email blasts and belong to the KP Lovers group on Ravelry – please enter me in the contest. Thanks

  26. Favorite yarn project was a scarf and matching hat I made this past Christmas for my son’s girlfriend. She LOVED them, wore them often, and received lots of compliments. I had just started knitting again after 25 years, and that project was one of my first ones. Big success!

  27. tamara mahoney kneisel

    I just knit a sweet easter basket for my daughter that we felted. It turned out super cute and was the most unique Easer basket at the egg hunt by far! Can’t wait to try some of your yarns. I’ve really been struggling with buying new yarn every time I knit something… I especially don’t like that I”m a vegetarian but any time I want to knit with wool, I am potentially buying yarn where animals were mistreated… I’m SO happy to have ;found an alternative!

  28. I have been a fan of KnitPicks and Crafting a Green World for a long while now! Affordable good quality yarn is a good thing. Affordable good quality yarn that is 100 reclaimed is even better. I am curious to see what the Full Circle Yarn is like.

  29. My favorite yarn projects are ones where I put my own twist on a pattern, adding faux fur yarn or other embellishments to a project.

  30. I love knitting sweaters for my family. Our favorite pattern (which we all wear, since it comes in sizes 2T to adult XXL) is the Wonderful Wallaby.

  31. My favorite yarn project is probably the blanket I made last year – it’s the first blanket I ever made, so that was extra special. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. As a child I enjoyed gluing yarn scraps to an inflated balloon, popping the balloon once the glue had dried, and playing with my new ball

  33. Another favorite project for my son Jay has been a magic loop sock. The second one isn’t finished yet, but he had great fun knitting the first and as his mom, I’m excited because I get to wear the finished product.

  34. Hi!
    My favorite yarn project right now is my very first knitted project…a scarf in garter stitch. 🙂
    Thank you for the chance! 🙂
    ~Mippy 🙂

  35. Hi!
    I am listening to Knit Picks podcast on itunes -episode #177 on sock knitting 🙂
    Thank you for the chance!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  36. Working on squares for The Schuyler Blanket Project – a group that makes squares and puts them together to send to parents who have lost their children.

  37. My current favorite yarn project is knitting baby legwarmers. I started one set to practice knitting a rib pattern and just knitting in general since I just learned how (though, I’ve been crocheting for roughly 20 years now), but I’m really loving how they have turned out and can’t wait to make more of them!

  38. My favorite project is usually the one I’m working on since I’m still learning and it’s always fun to try new techniques. Right now, I’m working on my first knit baby sweater with lace and mock cables.

  39. One the things I like to knit most are fingerless mitts! You can do them two at a time on magic loop, and they are done in no time. 🙂

  40. favorite yarn project is a knitted farm i am working on now with 9 other mamas – we will knit squares and then swap them all so we all have a lovely farm to play with 🙂

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