5 Upcycled Gift Wraps for Dad

necktie gift wrap for dad

4. For the impeccably dressed dad

Why not make the wrapping material a part of the gift? If you got dad the perfect shirt, tie it all together with a vintage necktie. Bonus points if the tie actually goes with the shirt!

newspaper gift wrap for dad

5. Bring dad his Sunday paper!

Surprise dad by bringing him his Sunday paper with a little extra something. You can recycle ribbons from Christmas or tie the paper with some extra yarn from knitting dad his sweater last winter instead.

Liya designs digital products by day and a DIY junkie by night. She writes about upcyling at upcycleinstyle.com. She blogs and pins so she can connect with people who also like to make stuff and play in the dirt.

Image Credits: Necktie gift wrap photos by Liya James; Creative Commons Newspaper photo by Plastic_Bat

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