28 Free Bead Loom Patterns

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Want to make something beautiful on a bead loom but you don’t quite know where to begin?

Or perhaps you make beautiful things on your bead loom all the time, but you’d like to try something a little different?

Whatever your preference, I’ve got you covered! Check out this list of my favorite bead loom patterns; there’s something for everyone, from the brand-new beginner to the expert looking for inspiration.

And best of all… all of these patterns are free!

American Flag Bracelet


Here’s how to create a US flag out of seed beads!

Banded Patterns

This webpage contains several different loom patterns that are all united by their use of vertical stripes.

Colorful Bracelet On A DIY Loom

Before you DIY the bracelet, why not DIY the loom?

Convert A Peyote Or Brick Stitch Pattern

Have you ever come across the best pattern, only to notice that it’s not for the bead loom after all? Grr! Here’s a handy tutorial for converting any peyote stitch or brick stitch pattern to work on a bead loom. Now you can make anything!

Crystal Bracelet

Even though this project is perfect for the brand-new beginner, it doesn’t look like a beginner’s project, thanks to the incorporation of unusual crystal beads.


The crosses are centered here, with designs around the edges.

Cuff Bracelet


This bead loom pattern is meant to be finished and then mounted to a cuff bracelet blank.

Double Negative Brick Stitch

Got tons of white beads in your stash? Get them out and use them up as the background to this interesting black focal pattern.


Cross stitch patterns, if they’re narrow (or better yet, long and narrow!), can be exactly substituted for bead loom patterns. This fish is a perfect example–incorporate it into any other pattern of your choosing, repeat the fish several times along the length of your loom, or contrast it with a background of blue beads for a complete look.

Geometric Loom Bracelet

If you want something extra-wide to show off, this is the bracelet for you!


This webpage has FOUR different heart patterns for you to choose from.


This full pattern is 45×45, but if you’ve got the width for it on your bead loom, you can make a creation that looks more like a painting than a bracelet!


Make this into a standalone creation, or add it to any of your other bead loom patterns.

DIY Bead Loom Pattern

I LOVE this free pattern maker! Use the cross stitch pattern setting and simply adjust the width of the template to accommodate your bead loom.

Moroccan Coral Bracelet

As a Google Doc with view-only access, this pattern is tricky to download but great if you’re comfortable working off of a computer screen.

Morse Code Bracelet

This is my favorite project on this list! A Morse code bracelet would make an excellent personalized present for someone special, and a terrific STEM-powered activity for a group of older kids. It’s a great step up from the rainbow loom!

Online Gradient Converter

This is a really awesome tool! Tell the converter the dimensions of your project and the two colors that you’d like to use, and it will create and randomize a pattern that makes a gradient between the two colors.

Beginner’s Striped Bracelet

This bead loom pattern is similar to the chevron patterns below but is simpler so that even a beginner can feel successful.

Chevron Bracelets


Chevrons are some of the easiest patterns to start out with. I love how much the look varies just by changing the colorway of your beads.

Chevron Beaded Earrings

You can work this pattern on or off of a bead loom–it’s just that versatile!

Rainbow Diamonds

I really like this colorful and simple bead loom pattern. It’s entirely visual with no written instructions, so you’re on your own to make your own bead selections.

Rainbow Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Here’s another super colorful pattern, reminiscent of a tween’s friendship bracelet!


This is another pattern that I think would look strikingly different in a different colorway.

Squared Diamond

This pattern is particularly interesting with the diamond done in larger beads and a contrasting color.

Tiger Eyes

This bead loom pattern might need a bit of conversion work done, but the result is striking!

Triangle Faces

To make these complete patterns work with a bead loom, finish each triangle individually, then hand-weave them together.


Check out this adorable little turtle! Little novelties like this guy are my favorite things to make on a bead loom.

Wrap Bracelet With Button Closure

You’ve got to sign up for the free download of this tutorial, but it’s a great way to learn how to add a button closure to your project, as well as how to make a wrap bracelet.

Do YOU have any bead loom tricks, tutorials, or patterns that you’d love to share? If so, tell me about them in the Comments below!

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