Four Looms You Can Make From Recycled Materials

Weaving is a simple and relaxing project to undertake. You can create large pieces like rugs or smaller pieces like coasters and pot holders. You also don’t need to go out and buy an expensive loom or weaving materials. You probably have everything you need to get started in your home right now. Here are four looms you can make using only recycled materials and two projects you can weave with your recycled loom.

cardboard loom

1. Cardboard Loom

Cardboard is a material that always seems to be around. Use up some of it by creating a loom with the instructions found here on CraftStylish. Since you probably have a lot of cardboard floating around, you can create many looms in varying sizes for different weaving projects.

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1 thought on “Four Looms You Can Make From Recycled Materials”

  1. Very eco-friendly project huh! Hhmmm! Very cool idea too! I might want to try that one as well, especially when I’m traveling and I can’t bring my floor looms on the road. Thanks for this post!

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