Five Unique Projects You Can Make Using Silverware

Whether you have silverware sitting around your home not being used or you love the look of the silverware you find at thrift stores and antique sales, there are a number of ways you can use your finds. Who says that flatware is relegated to the dining room table? Here are five projects using flat ware in unexpected ways.


1. Hooks

Readymade gives us a simple how-to on turning a set of flatware into hooks. This would be a great way to use all of the mismatched silverware you find in thrift stores. These hooks can work in any room of your house too: mud room for coats, kitchen for aprons, and by the front door for your keys.

spoon bracelet

2. Jewelry

Over on Ornamento, there is an easy how-to on turning a treasured piece of silverware into a bracelet. Since silver is such a clean and simple backdrop, any bead you choose will look fabulous. Also, CRAFT gives us a nice overview on how to turn the handles of silverware into earrings.

egg cup

3. Egg Cup

I like the idea of keeping a fork in the kitchen but using it in a different way. This project for a bent fork egg cup, on What I Made, is a quick and easy project you can whip up for an upcoming brunch.

wind chime

4. Wind Chimes

Whimsy Love shows us how to create a wonderful wind chime using different pieces of flatware and other kitchen items. This project is made to look, and stay, rustic so you don’t have to worry about finding or using clean and polished silverware.

garden markers

5. Garden Markers

Over on Bunny Tales, follow this step-by-step for garden markers. It’s never too late to start thinking about spring and planting your garden!

Have you seen any interesting projects using silverware? Have you come up with some cool ones yourself, like this chandelier here? I would love to see some of your favorite projects and ideas, feel free to leave some comments and suggestions.

[Silverware image via wintersoul1, Hooks image via Readymade, Bracelet image via Ornamento, Egg cup image via What I Made, Wind chime image via Whimsy Love, Garden marker image via Bunny Tales]

3 thoughts on “Five Unique Projects You Can Make Using Silverware”

  1. I recently saw letters of the alphabet shaped from pieces of silverware attached to a board, spelling out a word or name. Does anyone have more information on how to create silverware letters?

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