Reuse Eye Candy: Artefact Design & Salvage

Tree Fern Vase by Artefact

Sometimes, keeping our crafting on the green side of things can get tricky. Maybe we get tired of hunting for materials or wish that there were more eco-friendly options out there for our projects. During times like those, a little eco-eye candy can really help!

Over at Green Building Elements, Susie posted about Artefact, a really cool company making gorgeous designs from salvaged materials. Check out some of the cool, creative ways Artefact is reusing found objects!

Vine Form Table by Artefact

Artefact’s owner, Dave Allen, scavenged the country in a rental truck gathering salvaged pieces before settling in Sonoma to open his showroom. I love how he assembled natural materials, like salvaged wood, with more conventional ones like metal, glass, and cement to create stunning pieces!

Silverware Chandelier by Artefact

Beautiful stuff, right? Creations like these make all of my day to day travels feel like scavenger hunts. Discarded items in front of neighbors’ houses start to look more like blank canvases for crafting! Want more reuse eye candy? Check out Artefact’s catalogue to see all of Allen’s work.

I’m sure lots of you guys rescue landfill-bound materials, and I’d love to hear about your adventures in salvage in the comments! The more inspiration, the better, right?

Image Source: Artefact

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