Five Easter Egg Projects Using Recycled Materials

painted Easter eggWalk into a store this month and you might be fooled into thinking that decorating Easter eggs is impossible without a store-bought, ready-made egg-decorating kit.

Egg-dyeing kits with fizzy dye tablets!

Egg-dyeing kits with shrink-wrap sleeves!

Egg-dyeing kits with stencils and color-changing markers to color in the stencils!


Not only do you NOT have to spend your chocolate bunny budget on a store-bought egg-decorating kit, but by using recycled materials in your egg decorating projects, you can create Easter eggs pretty much for free and also rescue more trash from the waste stream. Here are five excellent (are you going to thank me for not typing egg-cellent?) projects to get you started:

egg dyeing with silk tiesBanking on the fact that many silk ties are just awful, Kelly Rand’s tutorial on dyeing eggs with silk ties puts the ties with the most blatant, garish, hideous patterns and colors out of their misery.

I’m a fan of this method because, since transferring the dye requires that you boil the egg in its silk tie wrapper, you can start with raw eggs and end up with hard-boiled ones. Yay for skipping a step! Mind you, they weren’t the best hard-boiled eggs that I’ve tasted in my life, since the recipe requires that they be boiled for twice as long as I hard-boil my own eggs, but you’re going to be eating hard-boiled eggs for the next month, anyway, so quality kind of loses its meaning after a while.

[The image on this page belongs to Kelly Rand.]

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