11 Creative Filing Cabinet Makeovers

Filing Cabinet Desk from Refashionably Late

Got an old filing cabinet gathering dust in the garage? We’ve got a bunch of fun ideas for filing cabinet makeovers!

Got an old filing cabinet gathering dust in the garage? We've got a bunch of fun ideas for filing cabinet makeovers!

Whether you’re trying to go paperless or just make that dusty old cabinet match your current decor, that old filing cabinet is still super useful. With a little bit of love, you can give it a new life in some fun and unexpected ways. Check out these filing cabinet makeovers!

1. Garden Storage – Turn that old cabinet into new-to-you garden storage for organizing your rakes, shovels, and other gardening essentials.

2. Strip for Parts – Sarah used parts from her old filing cabinet to turn an old set of drawers into a much cuter replacement.

3. File Cabinet Desk – Filing cabinets are a natural fit when building a desk, and Refashionably Late’s filing cabinet makeover is a very cute one!

4. Chalkboard Cabinet – Haeley used chalkboard paint to turn a boring filing cabinet into a very cute chalkboard filing cabinet, perfect for keeping her schedule as organized as her files.

5. Rolling Kitchen Cart – A coat of paint, a set of casters, and a large cutting board transform a filing cabinet into a kitchen workspace!

6. Stenciled Filing Cabinet – Stencils and spray paint are your friends!

7. Craft Counter – This is another filing cabinet-to-workspace makeover, and it’s so cool!

8. Painted Makeover – I love how Sarah used masking tape, spray paint, and wood to turn an old filing cabinet into a modern decor piece.

9. Mud Room Bench – In this dramatic filing cabinet makeover, Funcycled transforms an old filing cabinet into a landing bench for her mud room.

10. File Cabinet Planter – A planter made from an old filing cabinet would be the perfect pair to go with your filing cabinet-turned-garden-storage (see #1 above!).

11. Architectural Makeover – Wood slats give a boring filing cabinet a sleek, modern new look.

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