Fabulous Fabrics: Mod Green Pod (Update)

Mod Green Pod Fabrics A while ago, Skye started showcasing for us some truly Fabulous Fabrics that were perfect for the green minded. One of the first fabrics that she introduced us to was the great organic cotton prints by Mod Green Pod.

The fabrics, perfect for home decor, are bright, beautiful prints that are made from 100% organic cotton grown in the U.S. All of their fabrics are free from dangerous chemicals that often find their way into fabrics during the finishing process. And at $100 a yard, Mod Green Pod, seemed like just a pipe dream for many crafters looking for a green alternative.

Well, these great fabrics just got a little closer to our sewing machines. Nancy Mims, co-founder of the company wrote to let us know that their retail price has dropped dramatically from the expensive $100 per yard, down to the only mild splurge price of $39.75 per yard! That truly is a huge difference!

The company had reformulated its production over the past several months and come out the other end with a more efficient process for production. Everything is still in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standards with organic cotton grown in the U.S. Mod Green Pod has more control over their production and has been able to pass on the savings to us, the consumers!

They have even added three new prints: Aspire, Bloom and Glimmer. Take these new prints for a test drive in their new room creator. This allows you to see how the fabrics would look adorning throw pillows and draperies.

So take their fabrics for a virtual test drive and keep an eye on this bunch. With such great improvements and keen listening to their customers, I look forward to what they come out with next.

[Image from Mod Green Pod website]

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