Fabulous Fabrics: greenSTYLE by Robert Kaufman

Bamboo Leaf Print Fabric It’s great to see that more and more textile companies are coming around to the term green. For some, they dip their toe in the water, for others it’s complete immersion. GreenSTYLE by Robert Kaufman is a nice wade into environmental waters with the green shore on the horizon.

This line of green fabric is organic, sustainable and uses low-impact dyes. The company recognizes that it is just the beginning of their journey into eco-friendly but their commitment to greener fabrics extends beyond production and procurement and into the office itself. The company is taking steps “to reduce paper waste, recycle and conserve energy.”

The GreenSTYLE line offers up many different fabrics including a nice selection of canvas, Linen and organic cotton.

They also offer a large selection of bamboo fabrics including solids made with 100% bamboo and a nice 60/40 cotton-bamboo blend, as well as bamboo/cotton prints in a fun tropical print along with this lovely minimal leaf print.

The line continues with solids made with sea-cell, which if you remember is made with seaweed. The most interesting of the line, though, has to be Ultima Eco made from recycled plastic bottles.
Ultima Eco is available in either black or white and is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

[Image from Robert Kaufman website]

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