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We got a note from a reader recently who is looking to switch to an eco-friendly option for her hand-dyed and printed fabrics. The trouble is, she couldn’t track down a source for undyed eco-fabrics.

Indie designer Kelly Ruth asks:

I’m wondering if you have covered this topic yet? I am an independent designer who dyes and prints my own fabrics. I am looking for eco fabric sources which are unbleached and not printed. You have shown many fabrics which are printed, but have you shown fabric sources which are unprinted?

We hadn’t covered this topic yet, but as it turns out I’d just been looking for the same thing and recently found a great company that sells undyed hemp and hemp blends in all manner of weights: Hemp Emporium.

Hemp Emporium

I’ve placed a couple of orders with Hemp Emporium, and it’s always been a pleasant experience. When I ordered a batch of swatches, they arrived quickly. The last time I ordered, the fabric I wanted was out of stock, which they let me know about right away. A rep from the company let me upgrade to a slightly heavier weight fabric (luckily, my project was flexible) for no extra charge, and it arrived within a week.

Not only do they have great customer service, they have a huge selection of undyed fabrics in a number of weights and blends, including 100% hemp, jersey, fleece, and even silk.

Why Hemp?

We’ve talked before about what makes hemp an eco-friendly fabric choice: it grows quickly, requires little water and few pesticides to grow, and even benefits the soil where you plant it. Hemp softens with wear, but the fabric doesn’t lose strength. It’s sort of the wunderkind of the eco-fabric world. Now, if only farmers in the U.S. could grow the stuff so that all of our hemp didn’t have to be imported from overseas!

Do any of you have a favorite fabric supplier for undyed eco-fabrics? Share away in the comments!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Seabamirum]

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