Fab Fabrics: Typography-Inspired Prints from Spin Spin

Fab Fabrics took a little hiatus, but we’re back and ready to get the ball rolling again with lovely, sustainable fabric choices! This week, I’m drooling over Spin Spin proprietress Susan Fitzgerald’s sweet screen printed designs.

Fitzgerald prints on all natural fabrics, like hemp/organic cotton blends and uses water-based, eco-friendly inks on all of her hand-printed fabrics. The Melbourne, Australia designer says being kind to the planet is important to her and to her business because:

As soon as I started being the person who was producing a product and putting it out into the world, it became very obvious to me that I didn’t want to be contributing to the problem of excess waste and the throwaway culture that’s developed in the Western world. I use tea towels and much prefer their use over paper towels. I hope that by making towels that people like, I’ll encourage others to do the same. I also think that fabric that’s made of natural products feels and looks better (the thick and creamy hemp/organic cotton that I use in yardage printing is so lovely to work with) and makes you feel good too! And solvent-free ink is an easy choice – it’s great to work with, locally made and non-toxic.

I love that she not only uses Earth friendly processes but creates products that help folks reduce their waste, too! These mod printed tea towels are a great example:

What a lovely way to cut paper towels out of your life, right?

You can check out Spin Spin’s full line of fabrics over in her Etsy shop, or keep up with Susan over at the Spin Spin blog!

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