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stitch Garden organic cotton

We are huge Betz White fans around here, so when she announced her partnership with Robert Kaufman to produce a line of eco-friendly fabrics, we were downright thrilled!

Stitch, her debut collection, is part of Robert Kaufman’s Greenstyle line and features knit, crochet, embroidery, and sewing-inspired prints. The Greenstyle fabrics are printed on 100% organic cotton using low-impact, reactive dyes. I really admire Kaufman’s transparency with this line. For each fabric collection, you can click to view the certificate, so you can be sure that you’re getting legit organic fabric.

stitch lagoon organic cottonIn a post over this summer, White talked a bit about her partnership with Robert Kaufman. As you probably know, this isn’t her first fabric line, and she explained a bit about how she went from print on demand to having her own line with a major fabric company:

You might remember when I launched my first self produced collection, Family Cottage. The collection (and subsequent ones) have been very well received, much to my happiness. Because I’ve chosen to print small quantities, digitally on demand, I have been unable to offer them wholesale. But that was my choice and I was willing to wait for the tide to turn. Then, last spring when I attended the International Quilt Market to pitch my new sewing pattern line, I hit pay-dirt! The Robert Kaufman Fabric company launched their first Green Style organic cotton print collection by Nancy Mims of Mod Green Pod. After checking it out (so soft!) and doing some research (GOTS certified!) I began to plan the pitch that, last fall, landed me a licensing contract!

It’s so inspiring to see a fabric designer that’s able to pursue her dream without compromising her principles. By teaming up with Robert Kaufman, Betz White will not only be able to offer her fabrics to more people, but the wider distribution means making organic fabrics accessible to more crafters all over the world, even one that might not have been interested in organic fabrics before.

White’s new collection comes in two colorways: a warm Garden theme and a cooler Lagoon color scheme. The fabrics will be available this November on the Robert Kaufman website and in retail stores worldwide.

[Images via Betz White, used with permission.]

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