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Emily Siwek from Sample Scrap is an interior designer who started reclaiming fabric when she realized that so many quality materials go to waste!

[Reclaimed Upholstery Fabric from Sample Scrap]

A certified LEED-AP, she was taken aback by the waste associated with the design world. So many pieces of quality scraps head straight to the bin once their life as a sample is over. Emily wanted to change that, so she launched Sample Scrap on Etsy in June of 2008.

Sample Scrap carries all manner of reclaimed materials, from beautiful upholstery fabrics like tweed and damask to carpet samples. Talk about fabulous! You get to help keep these byproducts of the design industry out of the waste stream while scoring unique, high-quality fabric for your stash. Everybody wins!

Emily is currently working on launching Omcrafters, where she’s combining her passions for reclaimed fabric and for Vastu, the ancient Indian study of building design. The philosophy behind Vatsu is that in order to create a positive space you need a healthy spiritual and meditative practice. At Omcrafters, she’s selling yoga supplies made from her reclaimed fabrics and Vatsu design services.

[Images courtesy of Sample Scrap, used with permission.]

Written by Becky Striepe

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