Fab Fabrics: Repeat’s Hand Printed Textiles

I’m pretty much in love with these hand-printed fabrics from Canadian crafty duo Repeat!

Roisin Fagan lives in London and her partner Arounna Khounnoraj is from Toronto. The pair met when they were neighbors at a craft show in Toronto almost three years ago, and they hit it off immediately. After running into each other at several other Toronto shows over the years, where folks kept asking them if they sold their fabrics, they decided to do just that and to do it together!

They print their designs for Repeat fabrics on several different eco fabrics, some of which we’ve seen before like an organic hemp and cotton blend. The fabric they’re using that we haven’t really talked much about here is linen. Spun from the fibers of a the flax plant, linen seems to have a lot of qualities in common with hemp. It requires very little water and few pesticides to grow. Flax plants thrive in poor soil, so they don’t require a lot of chemical fertilizers either.

The plants also naturally resist “monoculture,” which is a major culprit in soil degradation caused by growing the same crop over and over in the same soil, year after year. The flax plant must be rotated every two years or the plants exhibit “flax fatigue.” This forces farmers to rotate the crop on at least a semi-annual basis. Pretty awesome, right?

They hand print all of their fabrics using “solvent free environmentally friendly ink,” as well. I’m particularly taken with their Powerlines design (pictured to the right). They have it in a number of different colorways, and there’s just something so unique and whimsical about it!

You can check out more of Repeat’s handprinted designs over at their Etsy shop or at repeatstudio.com.

Image Credits: All images via Repeat, used with permission.

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