Fab Fabrics: Organic Prints from FLUF

Canadian duo Nathalie Butterfield and Terra Kushner launched their fabric line when they were frustrated with the limited selection of sustainable fabrics.

Nathalie talks about how their company evolved:

I think the reason for that is that it almost wasn’t even a choice for us. Both my business partner, Terra Kushner, and I were aware of the terribly heavy toll that traditional textile manufacturing was taking (and continues to take) on the environment, and it just seemed natural and necessary for us to avoid contributing to that damage. We started out, not making our own sustainable fabrics, but simply choosing to work with whatever fabrics we could find that were manufactured with a reduced environmental impact. After a period of time, we grew somewhat dismayed by the lack of choice in comparison with traditionally manufactured fabrics. We then decided to try our hands at creating our own fabric: something fresh and original, and at the same time manufactured with sustainable materials and practices.

They launched their first fabric line in 2007, and things have grown from there! FLUF’s hemp and organic cotton blend fabric is hand-printed locally in Toronto with water-based, biodegradable ink. They only work with eco-friendly manufacturers.

FLUF is also a member of 1% For the Planet, a network of businesses who have pledged to donate at least 1% of their net profits to organizations that help the environment.

At the moment, FLUF is only selling their fabrics on a wholesale basis directly. You can find FLUF’s designs at several stores in the U.S. and Canada.

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  1. We are carrying the entire line of FLUF at our North Vancouver Studio, and it is also available in our online shop http:\shop.plumproject.com in as little as 1/5 yard increments. Thanks!

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