Fab Fabrics: Organic Offerings from Noonday Textiles

Hemp and organic cotton skirt from Noonday Textiles

We’ve talked about Noonday Textiles and Jay’s gorgeous, hand-dyed hemp here before. Since last year, Jay has gone back to school for Sustainable and Organic Horticulture and launched a line of new fabric options and colors!

On top of her hemp offerings, Noonday Textiles now stocks gorgeous organic cotton corduroy, 100% organic cotton knit jersey, hemp corduroy and a stretch hemp jersey.

She hand dyes all of the fabrics herself using eco-friendly dyes and has expanded her color selection significantly since last year. My favorite new color that she offers is this one she calls “Caribbean:”

Hemp in rich aqua.

I’ve used Jay’s fabric for several custom orders, and they are consistently amazing! She’ll also do custom dyeing so if you need a certain fabric but don’t see that color, she can usually help you out.

On top of her fabric selection, Jay makes beautiful, finished products out of her hand-dyed fabric, like the skirt pictured at the top of this article and sets of cloth napkins. You can check out all of her fabric and finished pieces in the Noonday Textiles Artfire shop.

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