Fab Fabrics: Organic Cotton from Harmony Art

Harmony Art

We’re big fans of Harmony Art around here. Harmony Susalla’s organic cotton prints are gorgeous, and she runs a sustainable business to boot!

Since we last checked in with Harmony, she’s put out tons of new designs and has switched from organic cotton to fair trade organic cotton for several of their sateens. Not only that, Harmony says:

I am happy to report that the production facility has recently been able to open up a school for the children in the area. We are planning a trip to India for this winter to see the progress first hand.

Let’s hear it for a fabric business that gives back! You don’t get much more fab than that.

Harmony Art

Harmony says that she first got started with fabric design through a conversation at a family gathering:

My discovery of the field of textile design came from a chance conversation with a 2nd cousin at my great aunt, 2nd husband’s birthday party! Yes, beware of family gatherings — they can change your life! Susan (my 2nd cousin) was at the event and when I asked what she was up to she described her experience of attending the California School of Professional Fabric Design. It was a lightbulb moment for me. I had never considered textile design as a career or even a field before that day. Needless to say, I followed in Susan’s footprints and attended the school…. and the rest is history. I worked for 5 years designing fabrics and products for other companies before launching Harmony Art organic design.

Her main inspiration comes from the natural world. Harmony loves hiking, likening her walks in the woods to the “trend shopping” trips her employers sent her on when she worked as a designer for other companies. You can read about a chance encounter on a hike that led to a new fabric design to get an idea of how her design process works.

Harmony Art

Harmony says she wants her company to be part of the solution and an example to others. She loves nature and the outdoors, and that has really cemented her commitment to creating an eco-friendly product.

You can check out all of Harmony’s designs, including the new arrivals, on the Harmony Art website.

Do you design your own Fab Fabrics? Are you vintage fabric seller? I’d love to hear from you! Hit me up at becky [at] importantmedia [dot] org!

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  4. Hey Harmony Could you email me the name of the other fabric store which is comparable to Spoonflower. You said that they are better quality when we saw you at the Surf Market

    Hi to Sus

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