Fab Fabrics: New Beyond the Sea Line from Cloud9

Beyond the Sea

We’ve written about Cloud9 Fabrics here before, so you can imagine that we were pleased as punch to see that they’ve released a brand new line of eco-friendly fabrics.

After dealing with some shipping delays, they finally got a (literal) boatload of their new Beyond the Sea fabric on April 22nd. You should be seeing them in stores pretty soon, if you haven’t already.

Beyond the Sea

Cloud9’s co-founder Michelle Bencsko (on the left in the photo above) talked a bit about the new line of 100% certified organic cotton:

Beyond the Sea is a seaside-inspired group of 7 prints and 3 solids. With a little nod to Bobby Darin and the mod days of yore, the ever-popular seashore theme is at once idealized and abstracted and can be put to any number of uses. Great for nurseries and all things babies, but also clothing, home decor and accessories.

Beyond the Sea

All of the Cloud9 Fabrics are printed on 100% organic cotton using solvent-free dyes and inks. They import their fabric from India, where they work closely with the producers to ensure that the printing and dyeing methods are truly eco-responsible. The dyes they use contain “no heavy metals or toxic substances; have a higher absorption rate which creates less waste water runoff; require less energy, salt and alkali in the application and fixation; and the water can be recycled for reclaiming the dye that is not used.”

Pretty fab, if you ask me!

[All photos via Cloud9 Fabrics, used with permission.]

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