Fab Fabrics: Modern Prints from Wonder Fluff Shop

Now that fabric printing service Spoonflower offers organic cotton, the range of Fab Fabrics is blowing up! One great example is Wonder Fluff shop. Designer, cat-lover, and mommy-to-be, Liz creates fresh and modern designs that she’ll have printed on the fabric of your choice.

Wonder Fluff Liz has a passion for bold design, and it comes across beautifully in all of the Wonder Fluff fabrics. She says:

I make what I like and what I enjoy making. I strive for expression in my work, not perfection (that part is hard sometimes). I am consistently drawn to all that is bold and graphic. I love rambunctious color palettes, optical illusions, repetition and insane amounts of detail. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.

You can contact Liz, and she’ll have any of her designs printed for you on your choice of Spoonflower’s fabrics. They offer both organic cotton sateen and organic cotton interlock knit, so you can find organic options in a weight to cover a wide range of projects.

Check out all of Liz’s lovely designs over in the Wonder Fluff Shop.

[All photos via Wonder Fluff Shop. Used with permission.]

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