Fab Fabrics: LinenMe

Red striped linen from Linen Me

Lithuanian designer Inga’s beautiful linen fabrics are inspired by traditional methods from her home country.

Linen is an ancient fabric spun from flax, a plant that requires very few pesticides and little water to grow. It has a nice drape but it’s also sturdy, which makes it great for both clothing and housewares.

Inga feels a personal, cultural, and historical connection to linen:

I was grown up is a small town in Lithuania where my parents had a small linen manufacturing unit. They even had some flax fields! So I grew up among linen fabrics of different colors, patterns, and sizes. And at my early years I got acquainted with all the benefits of linen and experienced them myself. Having a vivid imagination I always loved to draw, play dressing-undressing games with my dolls and it somehow just happened that I started to sew linen items – at first for my dolls, then for our home needs and then for sale.

She designs all of the fabrics herself and has works with local Lithuanian companies to get them produced. All the dyes she uses have an ISO900 certificate.

Black and white linen from Linen Me

You can check out all of Inga’s fab linen fabric, along with her linen housewares and accessories in the LinenMe Etsy shop!

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