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We talked not too long ago about the impact that conventional fabric dye has on the environment. Denim in particular stood out as a fabric responsible for quite a bit of pollution. So, what’s a green crafter to do? There are a couple of choices for eco-friendly denims.

Organic Denim

Organic denim is tricky to track down. Daisy Janie has a couple of organic denims in her shop, but they’re printed which might not work for all of your denimy projects.

Folks in the UK might look into Organic Cotton, a website that wholesales all manner of eco-friendly fabrics. They have a good selection of organic denims. You’d want to ask for more information on the dye process, though, to make sure it’s Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 certified.

Have any of you guys had luck finding new, eco-friendly denim? I had a really tough time coming up with usable options!

Get Thrifty

Of course, the thrift store is a treasure trove of second hand fabric. The easiest way to lower the impact of your denim-related crafts might be to find yourself a pair of thrift store jeans, harvest the fabric, and get sewing! You can also look for denim skirts and dresses, which might give you more continuous fabric, depending on where the seams and darts are.

Thrifted denim most likely didn’t use the most eco-friendly dyes to create, but the impact there is pretty much done. At least if you turn these items into something cute and new, you’re keeping that denim out of the landfill!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by misskoco]

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