Fab Fabrics: Bold Organic Prints from Thea and Sami

I’m drooling a little over these new prints on organic cotton and hemp from Thea and Sami.

Australian artist Thea Samios prints fabrics featuring bright, cheery designs using Earth-friendly inks. She offers some prints on organic cotton and others on organic hemp/cotton blends. Conventional cotton production contributes to 25% of the world’s pesticides. Switching to organic is better for workers, better for the planet, and better for your health! We talked just last week about the benefits of hemp. It’s sustainable, durable, and uses far fewer chemicals than conventional fabrics. Thea also uses water-based dyes that are solvent free, which means an even further reduced environmental impact.

Not only is Thea and Sami’s printing process eco-friendly, but you can feel good about their labor practices, too! According to their site, they use only “the local services of other talented people such as pattern-makers and machinists to keep everything Australian Made and Sweat-Shop Free.”

But enough about what an awesome company Thea and Sami is. Let’s take a peek at some more of Thea’s beautiful prints! This Fretwork print in cactus green is an organic cotton and hemp blend:

It comes in red and charcoal, too! The pattern would make a perfect skirt for Spring, or maybe a lovely throw pillow. This last one, the Marguerite pattern in desert rose, makes me think of swingy, Springtime skirts, too:

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