Fab Fabrics: Bike Inner Tubes

Coffee sleeve made from a blown out bike tire

Bike Tire Craft Project Ideas

Since bike inner tubes are on the more heavy duty side, you’ll want to think of them as a replacement for fabrics like leather or vinyl. They’re perfect for projects like wallets, jewelry, and other accessories. Over at Green Upgrader, a reader sent in a photo of a reusable coffee sleeve that he made using a blown out bike tire!

If you’re planning to use a blown tube for making apparel, you’d probably want to line the fabric, since the inner tube won’t feel so great rubbing against skin for an extended period.

I bet you guys could think of all sorts of other uses for busted inner tubes! Share away in the comments!

[Image Credits: Bike Tire. Creative Commons photo by Mr. T in DC, Bike Tire Coffee Sleeve via Green Upgrader]

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  1. These are great ideas. This use is less crafty, but inner tube pieces make a great emergency fire starter for wet conditions.

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