Fab Fabrics: Betz White, Spoonflower, and a Contest

Betz White and Spoonflower are teaming up, and they want to see how you Sew Green!

To celebrate the release of her book Sewing Green, Betz white designed a special Sewing Green print on organic cotton just for Spoonflower. Not only are they running a deal on the fabric itself, they’re holding a contest where you can win your choice of book from STC Craft, the company that publishes Sewing Green. Here are the deets!

The Fabric
If you want to give the fabric a whirl, they’re selling speciallly-cut swatches for $6 in the Spoonflower Etsy shop. The pieces are just the size you’ll need to complete the Organic Baby Washie from the book! They’re also stocking regular yardage of the Sewing Green print.

Spoonflower is printing the nature-inspired design on 4 oz. organic cotton. Their normal swatches are 8″ x 8″, and the Sewing Green swatches are just a little larger at 9″ x 9″. The swatch is organic quilt weight cotton – a slightly lighter weight than their new 4.5oz. organic cotton sateen.

So what was that about a contest?

The Contest
Entering the contest is easy peasy! Just show off a project you’ve completed from Sewing Green by submitting it to the Show Us How You Sew Green Flickr group. You can also enter projects that use the Sewing Green fabric or any eco-friendly craft project you want to share! Entries are due by September 14th, so you’ve got just under a month.

I know you guys are going to have some rad projects to submit! Good luck, green crafters!

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