Easter Crafts: Make Chalkboard Place Cards!

Easter Crafts: Make Chalkboard Place Cards!

Searching for last minute Easter crafts? Make these simple chalkboard place cards!

With Easter just a few days away, I came up with a super easy craft that anyone can make: chalkboard place cards in the shape of an egg! They are the perfect way to add a little fun to your Easter table this year!

Easter Crafts: Make Chalkboard Place Cards!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled cardboard

2. Scissors

3. A pencil

4. Chalkboard paint

5. Chalk

How To Do It:

1. With a pencil, draw several egg shapes on your recycled cardboard. Draw as many eggs as you will need for each person.

Easter Crafts: Make Chalkboard Place Cards!

2. Carefully cut out all of the eggs.

3. Chalkboard paint your eggs! If you’re using spray chalkboard paint like I did, don’t forget that several light coats will give you the best results. One heavy coat can give your adorable eggs drips.

4. Look on the side of your chalkboard paint to find out how long the chalkboard paint will take to cure. Mine recommended drying for 24 hours before writing on the surface with chalk. You will also need to cover the entire surface with chalk before writing anything specific, that way the first thing you write isn’t “burned” into the surface forever.

5. Once you’ve waited the recommended drying time and have covered the surface with chalk, it’s time to decorate your eggs! With chalk, write each of your guests’ names on the eggs and then draw an awesome pattern around their name. If you have children, it would be fun to allow them to decorate the eggs after you’ve written the names. For even more fun, buy colored chalk!

Put an egg place card next to each plate, and you’re ready for an Easter dinner party! You could also hot glue a small section of a toilet paper roll onto the back of the egg to turn it into an unique napkin ring!

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