DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Upcycled Heart Streamers

Upcycled Heart Streamers

heart streamersMaterials

  • fallen tree branch
  • reclaimed paper – I used wrapping paper that I saved from a Christmas gift.
  • kitchen twine
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors
  • twine or ribbon


1. The number of streamers you make will depend on the length of your branch, so do a little measuring and eye-balling. My branch was about 2 feet long, and I went for 3 streamers with 4 hearts on each one. That means I needed to cut a total of 12 hearts out of my reclaimed paper. You may need more or less. Sort out how many hearts you need, cut those out, and set them aside for a second.

2. Cut yourself 3 18″ pieces of kitchen twine, and tie a knot at one end of each piece.

3. Grab your first piece of twine and thread the unknotted end through your embroidery needle. Now, grab your first paper heart, and push the needle front-to-back through the bottom of the heart. Pull the heart to where you’d like it to fall on the twine – you can adjust this later, too – then push the needle back-to-front through the top of the heart. When you’re done, it will look like this:

threaded heart

4. Repeat step 3 for the rest of your hearts, stringing a few on each piece of twine to create your streamers.

5. Tie the streamers to your stick, then arrange the hearts how you want them. I went for a kind of cascading situation, but you can do this however you like!

6. Now, it’s time to attach the hanging mechanism! Grab your ribbon and tie one end to each end of your stick with a double knot, and you’re ready to hang that sucker on the wall!

3 thoughts on “DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration: Upcycled Heart Streamers”

  1. I remember doing this when my girls were really little and we hung it in their door way. Each heart had a different saying, like the do in the box of hearts. They’re teens now but I bet they’d have a happy surprise if I did again. 🙂

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