DIY Toy: Make a Crinkle Toy from Scrap Plastic

DIY Crinkle Toy

DIY Crinkle Toy


  • scraps of thin plastic – a cut up plastic grocery bag would work well or that flimsy plastic they use to wrap things like video games
  • recycled felt in fun colors
  • fabric scissors
  • two 8″ squares of organic fabric – I used my Happy Apple and Happy Pear fabric printed on organic cotton
  • sewing machine, thread, pins


1. Cut your felt into around 16 1″ X 3″ pieces.

2. Place your two pieces of fabric right sides together and secure with just a couple of pins for now.

3. Slide your felt pieces between the two pieces of fabric. You want most of the felt to be in between your pieces of fabric for right now. Pin the felt pieces in place as you work.

felt pinned for DIY toy

4. Sew around all four sides of your fabric, making sure to leave a 2″ gap on one side so that you can flip it right side out. If you have felt pieces all the way around your toy, that will probably mean not sewing one of them down. That’s OK! Just set it aside.

5. Flip your toy right side out, and use your iron to press it flat.

6. Stuff loosely with the plastic. If you have any very big pieces, you can cut them up, but otherwise don’t worry about it too much. Slide your extra felt piece into the open seam and pin it in place.

pinned felt DIY toy

7. Top stitch all the way around your toy, making sure to back stitch a few times at the beginning and end, so things will be super secure. You can use a straight stitch or go with a decorative stitch to make things super fancy.

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