DIY Toy: Make a Crinkle Toy from Scrap Plastic

DIY Toy Crinkle Toy for Baby

My husband and I are expecting our very first child, so I have baby crafts on the brain! I’ve got a couple of new mommas in my life right now, and it’s been educational hanging with them and seeing what toys their kiddos like. One toy I’d never seen but is apparently great for babies is a crinkle toy. Sure, you can buy a crinkle from the store, but with a few things from your stash, this is an easy DIY toy to whip up at home!

A crinkle toy is a not-too-stuffed stuffie that makes satisfying crinkly sounds when your baby plays with it. Babies find the sound engaging, and it teaches your baby about different sounds and textures.

I’m not sure what commercial crinkle toys use as stuffing, but when I was cutting up some plastic bags to make fused plastic fabric a little while back, I realized that the bags made the same noise as my friends’s crinkle toys. Since fusing plastic leaves you with lots of little plastic scraps, I stashed them away to make a crinkle toy for our baby-to-be.

plastic bag pieces for DIY toy

Since the whole idea behind the crinkle toy is to make it a fun, sensory experience, I decided to add a few extra embellishments for baby to enjoy.

+ Click here for the tutorial! +

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