25 DIY Pom Pom Crafts

DIY Pom Pom Crafts

Making pom poms can be kind of addictive. Here are 25 DIY pom pom crafts to satisfy all of your pom pom-making needs!

Do you have any DIY pom pom crafts to add to my list?
Do you have any DIY pom pom crafts to add to my list?

Pom pom crafts are my new thing. I’m pretty new to the whole thing, as my kids and I had our Great Pom Pom Experience only last week, but it was an eye-opener, and now those eyes are wide to the wonderful possibilities of pom pom crafts!

Seriously, how could you not love making pom poms? You can make them out of organic cotton or wool or so many upcycled materials, you can make them anywhere from teensy-tiny to freaking HUGE, and what you can do with them is basically endless.

I have been pom pom researching and pom pom crafting my pom pom butt off in the last several days, and here are my favorite pom pom possibilities so far.

25 DIY Pom Pom Crafts

25 DIY Pom Pom Crafts

1. alphabet pom pomsSeriously, this is a tutorial that teaches you how to EMBED A LETTER INTO YOUR POM POM. Holy cow, Friends!

2. bulk pom pomsNeed a lot of pom poms? Here’s how to make them all at once.

3. coat hanger pom pomsHere’s another method for making several pom poms at once.

4. embroidery hoop pom pomsIf you want to make large pom poms but don’t want to cut out your own template, check out this method that uses an embroidery hoop.

5. emoji pom pomsHere’s a fun way to use up your little felt and fabric scraps.

6. extra-large pom pomIt’s easy to make your own pom pom template as large as you want. This tute uses the type of template that’s a circle with a piece of pie cut out–that’s by far the easiest template to use, in my opinion.

7. fabric scrap pom pomThe pom pom that this tutorial makes is the perfect size for a Christmas ornament, but I bet you can think of so many other uses for it, as well.

8. planet earth pom pomIt’s perfect for Earth Day!

9. heart-shaped pom pomsShaping pom poms gives them a totally different look.

10. pom pom bluebirdsChange the color scheme to make other birds!

11. pom pom bookmarksThis easy craft would make a good gift for someone special.

12. pom pom bunniesThese are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Every Easter basket should have one.

13. pom pom-embellished pillowsHere’s how to sew your homemade pom poms onto a pillow.

14. pom pom flowersGet bummed when your vase full of pretty flowers all die? These pom pom flowers will stay lovely forever.

15. pom pom hedgehogsYou really need to make yourself a pom pom hedgehog.

16. pom pom ice cream coneThis ice cream cone gets bonus points because its cone is made from burlap. I LOVE burlap!

17. pom pom keychainYou can also make zipper pulls this way.

18. pom pom pencil holderBecause soft and fuzzy school supplies are the best school supplies.

19. pom pom rugIt’s too pretty to step on!

20. pom pom Solar System mobileSolar System mobiles don’t always have to be made from plastic or Styrofoam.

21. pom pom wall hangingIt’s a rug that you don’t HAVE to step on!

22. pom pom wreathYou can make a perennial version of these for every holiday.

23. tasselsIf you can make pom poms, then you can DEFINITELY make tassels!

24. toilet paper tube pom pomsThis is an easy way to make pom poms of a certain size.

25. twig and pom pom wreathNatural materials always go together so well, so you could make your pom poms out of wool or cotton yarn, and it will be lovely nevertheless.

Do you have a pom pom craft to add to my list? Super please tell me about it in the Comments below!

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