DIY Eco-Friendly Bath Remodeling Part 2

my husband replacing the subfloorThe good news is the bathroom is almost finished.

I think. I hope.

We’re on to mudding and sanding the drywall. Then we can paint. Then replace the sink, vanity and toilet and be done.


I just wish we could have been more eco with the whole project.

We couldn’t save much of anything. The tile on the wall was disgusting and slimy and the walls behind the tile were molded so we had to tear out everything and replace it all. The window went bye bye too.

The good news is that the bathroom will now be much warmer and more energy efficient because we sealed everything, added insulation, and caulked all the cracks and crevices.

The tub didn’t have to be broken to be taken out. Unfortunately the old tub will not work with the new tub surround because the new ones are made for each other, they snap together.

So we now have an extra bathtub (which is currently sitting on my front porch, is that redneck or what?). But I’m not tossing it to the curb. I’m going to reuse or repurpose it somehow. Hmm…I’m thinking it may become a pond or some kind of water feature in my yard. I’ve always wanted a little pond. Now I may get one.

I refinished my vanity with mixed feelings. I sanded, painted and clear coated. It was all good til the clear coat. Now I’m not sure. I think hubby bought me the wrong stuff and it’s not working out. It’s not the brand i normally use and I’m not happy with it at all. I have to lightly sand and steel wool it then I’ll decide if I like it or not.

Either way it’s going in the new bathroom because we’re already over budget so I’m not buying a new vanity now.

I just hope everything comes together once it’s finished. I’ll keep you posted.

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