DIY Diaper Bag Zipper Pull Labels

DIY Eco-Friendly Labels

DIY Diaper Bag Zipper Pulls

My son just started an infant-toddler program, and I needed to get his diaper bag ready for school! I wanted to make it easy for the caretakers to find all of his things, so I created these zipper pulls to show what is where in his bag.

All of the diaper bags that I’ve seen are basically tote bags with extra pockets. That is fine, but it’s not the most ergonomic design. Hauling a tote full of diapers, clothes, and bottles on one shoulder is bad for your spine, and carrying a babe around has really been punishment enough on the old back. Instead of buying a diaper bag, we dusted off my old backpack to use instead.

The trouble with the backpack is that it almost has too many pockets. When you need a clean diaper or a bottle, you need to kind of find it in a hurry. These diaper bag zipper pulls make it easy for us and for Darrol Henry’s caretakers to find what they need when they need it. We bring diapers, two changes of clothes, and bottles to the daycare, so I needed to label the pockets that held those things.

All that you need to make these zipper pulls are some recycled felt, fabric glue, a sewing machine or needle and thread, and some scrap ribbon. Ready to dive into your stash? Click here for the tutorial!

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  1. I always used a backpack when the kiddos were little, and now that they’re older I seem to have accidentally upgraded into a ridiculously giant backpack from the Army Surplus Store. I can stuff library books into it until I can hardly walk!

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