Handmade, Eco-friendly Scrapbook Embellishments

Eco DaisiesThe key elements to a great scrapbook are great pictures, decorative papers, and the perfect embellishments. Finding unique handmade scrapbook embellishments is a great way to enhance your eco-friendly scrapbook. Kits and Caboodles makes an adorable selection of scrapbook embellishments using recycled and upcycled papers.

Andrea, the creative woman behind Kits and Caboodles uses a variety of paper sources to make her eco embellishments and other craft goods.  She is a huge supporter of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Her creative product packiging made from found and repurposed materials is just the start.

Recycled ATC CardsI love the Eco Daisies (shown above) made from repurposed pages of a Paper Source catalog.  Each is accented with a vintage button.  The Text Pack is great too for scrapbooking or cardmaking.  Andrea hand selects clippings from flyers, catalogs, and vintage books.

Andrea’s crafty repurposing extends beyond scrapbooking.  She also offers recycled ATC (artist trading card) blanks that she meticulously cuts from her children’s cereal boxes.  If you have never designed an ATC card before or want a great project to do with your kids, get the ATC Kit.  The kit includes the blank cards cut from cereal boxes, as well as paper, ribbon, fabric, and other embellishments, mostly vintage.  The kit comes in a reusable drawstring bag made from thrifted t-shirts.

[Images courtesy Andrea Thurber, Kits and Caboodles.]


9 thoughts on “Handmade, Eco-friendly Scrapbook Embellishments”

  1. Oh! This went up fast! Thanks so much for the love. I just adore this site, its eaten up about an hour of my day already! There are just so many great ideas on here.

    I mentioned in my shop announcement that I’ll give 15% off orders that leave a comment here. Feel free to add the offer to the post.

    Thanks bunches! Keep up the good work!

  2. Kits and caboodles is by far my favorite shop on etsy. I check it all the time to see what new creative things Andrea has posted. I get so many great ideas from her. I used her corrugated cardboard idea as a craft project with the kids I work with. I bought her bigger and better bag for myself for my birthday. It was so inspirational and fun to receive in the mail. My son was also crazy about it and made all kinds of neat art projects. I bought one of her DIY embellishment kits too which we used for scrapbooking. Most of all her innovations have showed me how to look at reusing everyday materials in innovative ways.

  3. I love all of Andreas inspiration, I just made my first purchase, can’t wait to receive it. Love this site as well, thanks to Andrea for mentioning it on Etsy and giving the discount. Now back to see what else I can buy 🙂

  4. just love these little flowers they are so cute, never thought of this before and really just realised how much i waste and throw away, thats it then , more recycling then!!!

    anne 🙂

  5. Thank you for posting this info.
    I just recently was at target and saw the brand K&Company which has a line of recycled paper and chipboard bits for scrapbooking.
    Exciting to see that the scrapbooking companies are becoming aware that there are eco-friendly people who want eco-friendly options.

  6. I was really excited about Andreas shop too! I placed an order with her 2 months ago and it has never come, and I have been trying to reach her for over a month with no response. I know from her current feedback at Etsy, there are several others just like me…This is so sad, If someone knows how to reach her, I think we all just would like to know that she is alright .

  7. Hi!
    I was just looking for her Etsy shop – it was one of my favorites too. Shop no longer exists – anyone know if she has started her own website or???

  8. i love the way i lokk at them coz they were so cute. ive havent make any scrapbooking before, but for now i stary having some attractions on it.. mamking things to remember forever..”,

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