10 Ways To Upcycle A Crystal Head Vodka Skull Bottle

crystall skull head

I’m not embarrassed to tell you that I know nothing about fine alcohol. I buy wine based on how interesting the bottle is. I buy the whiskey in the square bottle, because that’s interesting, too.

And I buy the vodka that comes in the skull-shaped bottle.

I drink all that alcohol (but responsibly, you know. Reasonably!), but you all know that really what I’m buying is the bottle that I’m then going to upcycle into something weird.

crystal head vodka bottle
Dominic Lockyer / Flickr (Creative Commons)

So if you, too, buy skull-shaped vodka bottles mostly so that you, too, can do something cool with them after you’ve enjoyed the vodka, then check out this list of my favorite ways to upcycle that Crystal Head Vodka skull bottle!

1. Use It To Hold Something Different: A bottle is meant to hold stuff, so why not just repurpose it to hold something else? Check out how one Reddit user upcycled a small skull bottle to hold her foundation.

2. How To Cut Vintage Bottles: Many of these projects require cutting the glass bottles. You may look at them and wonder how on earth you’re supposed to just CUT a glass bottle. Well, here’s how!

3. Container Candle: And once you’ve got the top of your skull bottle cut off, you’re ready to make yourself a container candle.


4. Pendant Light: If I didn’t JUST make these Mason jar pendant lights, I’d for sure be using skull bottles instead! Fortunately, you can even use the same tutorial for the skull bottle–just make sure that the light that you choose is narrow enough to fit through the fortunately quite wide mouth of the bottle.

5. Ferrofluid: Ferrofluid is surprisingly easy to play with–even in a skull bottle!

6. Sand Art: This is not your ordinary preschool sand art project!


7. Oil Lamp: You don’t have to do any cutting to make an oil lamp out of a skull bottle.

8. Make Magic With Black Lights: Check out how you can make your skull bottle glow under a black light!

9. Terrarium: If you’re careful, you wouldn’t even need to widen the top of the bottle–just insert small plants, and let them grow big!


10. Cloche: Here’s another cool thing that you can do after you cut both the top and bottom off of your skull bottle–make a cloche that will keep a candle burning on a windy day.

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