Create Gift Boxes Out of Soap Boxes

Soap boxes (from bath size bars of soap) can easily be transformed into fun little gift boxes. These soap boxes are small and cute and can easily be made by anyone, even the youngest children. They can be customized for any occasion.

Kids can easily decorate them with stickers, scraps of old wrapping paper, cutouts from old greeting cards, foam shapes or anything on hand in the craft box.

The boxes can be decorated in so many ways and are the perfect size for gift cards. Stuff the box full of tissue and slide the gift card in, that way the receiver still gets to open a gift not just a card. Plus the hand decorated box makes it so much more personal.

To create the elegant gold box in the photo follow the directions below:

Supplies Needed:
Empty soap box from a bath size bar of soap
Gold acrylic paint
Paint brush
Sheer burgundy Β½ to ΒΎ inch ribbon

Paint the empty box gold, it may take a couple coats to completely conceal anything printed on the box.

Once the paint is dry cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the box and create a bow (length will vary since box sizes may vary), cut no shorter than 12 inches

Place the ribbon flat across the front of the box- make ends equal on each side coming out from the middle of box

Flip over the box and ribbon, cross the ribbon to go in opposite directions across the back then flip over the box with the ribbon. You should have made a criss cross design with the ribbon.

Now tie the ribbon in a bow.

Cut off excess ribbon.

Fluff bow.

I made a bunch of soap box gift boxes for Christmas last year but they can be decorated for any occasion. Here’s a photo of a few of my Christmas ones.

This concept can be used for any size box. No need for wrapping paper, just create beautifully decorated boxes from what you have on hand. Even cereal boxes work great for this style project.

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