Crafty Review: Ugh, I Love My Bottle Light So Much!

Bottle Light

Bottle Light

I know, I know… it’s not *exactly* a craft supply. But those of you who’ve been here before know how deeply obsessed I am with vintage bottles. We live next door to a drive-in movie theater that’s been around since 1955, and apparently in the 1950s when you took out the trash at the drive-in, a perfectly acceptable receptacle was the woods behind the screen. That’s why I have my full share, and then some, of vintage bottles from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and I am spoiled for choice about what to do with them.

I give some away, craft with plenty of them, and I hoard the really special ones in what is probably an unhealthy manner but I don’t care–I love them! Lately, I have been showing off my unconscionable vintage glass bottle hoard by shining them brightly using this nifty little gizmo, the Bottle Light.

Bottle LightThe Bottle Light is a USB-charged LED light that sits in the neck of a bottle. It tapers, so it can fit a wide range of widths, and it points down, refracting light through the bottle and out. It’s brightest with clear bottles, but translucent bottles can give a lovely effect. Brown beer bottles have a yellowish cast, while my favorite is the vintage Sprite bottle in the top photo. Although wine bottles might immediately come to mind when you think of lighting a bottle, most of them are too opaque to work well, unfortunately.

You can also use these bottle lights to DIY quick and easy decorative lanterns. We had been using these tissue-paper decoupaged glass bottles as vases, but they’ve been universally transferred to lanterns, now that we have this light to make them glow. The light would also work well with stenciled bottles–paint everything around your stencil to be opaque, and all the light will shine through your stenciled image!

The Bottle Light is small enough and bright enough that I’m happy with it, but I’ve already started brainstorming DIY versions that would be brighter, or fill the bottle with more light. Twinkle lights are the obvious solution, but the plug or battery box makes the set-up less portable and more unwieldy. For now, though, I’m just pretending like having my shelf full of vintage bottles lit all pretty makes my massive vintage bottle hoard less weird.

Written by Julie Finn

I'm a writer, crafter, Zombie Preparedness Planner, and homeschooling momma of two kids who will hopefully someday transition into using their genius for good, not the evil machinations and mess-making in which they currently indulge. I'm interested in recycling and nature crafts, food security, STEM education, and the DIY lifestyle, however it's manifested--making myself some underwear out of T-shirts? Done it. Teaching myself guitar? Doing it right now.

Visit my blog Craft Knife for a peek at our very weird handmade homeschool life; my etsy shop Pumpkin+Bear for a truly odd number of rainbow-themed beeswax pretties; and my for links to articles about poverty, educational politics, and this famous cat who lives in my neighborhood.


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