Crafty Book Review: Knits for Dolls, by Nicky Epstein

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Got some yarn leftover after your last knitting project?

Wondering if you should stuff it back in your stash for perhaps forever? Pass it on? Trash it?

Instead, how about you thrill your favorite little kid by using that stash to knit him or her the most awesome, clever, modern doll outfits ever?

Nicky Epstein’s Knits for Dolls contains instructions for knitting 25 outfits suitable for 18-inch dolls (Hello, American Girl!), including accessories like wrist cuffs, headbands, hats, purses, a blanket, and a stuffed bunny. And best of all, since dolls are small, you’ll likely find some stash yarn that will turn out to be just perfect for knitting into a layered ruffled skirt, skull-embellished sweater, or dress-up crown for a child’s beloved 18-inch doll.

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1 thought on “Crafty Book Review: Knits for Dolls, by Nicky Epstein”

  1. Fun stuff! Emma bought herself Saige a few months ago with her hard earned money, so now I suppose I should make some knitted winter stuff. They do have a few matching-ish outfits, but nothing knitted.

    Course the knitting will have to wait till it’s not 100 degrees outside.

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