Crafty Uses for Old Nail Polish

nail polished rock

1. Paperweight

Use the polish as rock paint and create a paperweight or use it as a momento. The only tricky part is that the nail polish brush is a little thick so use a thinner paint brush if you have to.

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7 thoughts on “Crafty Uses for Old Nail Polish”

  1. I love zoya nailpolish -they probably bought that for you since it is the most popular eco-nailpolish out there…

    1. Yeah, it might be a popular brand but it still smelled awful. I prefer Scotch brand – no smell and it’s totally water based. Zoya had a ton of chemicals still. Not great for a young girl. But the colors are awesome, aren’t they?Β 

  2. the colors are definely awesome – i have two colors -i have mermaid that i wear all the time for pedicures and the brillant pastel rich purple

  3. i like that lockness mystery colot…the misty green and purple are good too…maybe i can get why not to carry their line of nail polishΒ 

  4. I like to use nail polish in any craft where I need a durable, fade-resistant paint. I decorated a plaque in my kids bathroom with nail polish. I also used nail polish on a decoration for my front door, which gets a lot of sun. Hasn’t cracked or faded a bit! πŸ™‚

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