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eco organization My craft room needs some serious organization. I have everything in tubs, old shoe boxes, and baskets. Sounds slightly organized but really it’s a mad assortment of everything piled on top of each other which means I have to move fifty boxes to get to the one I need. And it never seems to fail that what I need is always buried.

I suppose I could drive an hour or so to the closest Ikea and grab some low cost organization supplies but what I like most is making use of old things for organization. I call it organization with eco-style. And as one of my craft resolutions for 2011 is to get organized I’ve been searching for some new inspiration to see if anyone is using items I might have on hand.

I found these ideas showcased on The Inspired Room, which links to a whole craft room showcase on This Blessed Nest.

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3 thoughts on “Craft Space Organization Eco Style”

  1. BeaOriginal - Brianna

    I write a blog every week that talks about different organization techniques…lots of them include re/upcycling products from around the home! Last week we showed how an antique rake can make a great necklace holder! You can check out our different entries here:
    Thanks for the great article!

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