Craft for Good with Bridge and Beyond

Craft for Good: Halos of Hope

Bridge and Beyond is an organization that provides warm handmade goods for individuals experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio.

Craft for Good: Halos of Hope

Craft your next warm and snuggly handmade item for Bridge and Beyond, and warm up an individual experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio.

Bridge and Beyond collects handmade goods to give to individuals experiencing homelessness, and to several organizations that serve those individuals. Unlike many charities, particularly those serving the medically fragile, Bridge and Beyond doesn’t have any specific pattern requirements for the hats, scarves, mittens, slippers and afghans that they need (although there’s a very useful chart for hat sizing here and scarf lengths here). If you do enjoy crafting to patterns that you know will be acceptable, however,  flip through the tabs on the website–here, for instance, you can find patterns for a sweater or a poncho, and here’s a pattern for mittens. There are several options for slippers patterns.

There are, however, some specific criteria in color and style. Many homeless individuals are men, so larger sizes are always welcome. Most individuals prefer not to wear bright colors or loud patterns that cause them to call attention to themselves, so dark colors and muted patterns are the most appropriate. Whites and beige don’t work well, because they show dirt too easily. And, of course, although you likely knit or crochet with cotton or wool for yourself, acrylics that are easy to wash and dry are preferable for these donations.

If you do prefer to knit or crochet with cotton yarn, Bridge and Beyond always needs cotton washcloths. Cotton washcloths are also an excellent beginning knitting project, and a great project for kids.

To find out how to donate, fill out the contact form on the Bridge and Beyond homepage.

P.S. Looking for more ways to help individuals experiencing homelessness? Check out this post on plarn sleeping mats!

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