Conserve Energy with Homemade Curtains

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Can you believe that fall is almost here in North America? In some places it’s already getting chilly in the mornings and evenings, and before we know it we’ll be bundled up in boots, tights, scarves, and jackets. Unfortunately, colder weather means using more power to heat our homes.

A large percentage of the heat we lose in our homes escapes right through the windows. If you aren’t able to replace old windows with efficient ones, you can still help keep your space cozy and use less electricity or natural gas by whipping up nice, heavy curtains to help insulate drafty windows.

Window size varies quite a bit, which is why I love this video from eHow. The narrator walks you through curtain-making basics, then you’re free to make whatever size you need:

Fabric Choice Matters

If insulation is what you’re after, you’ll want to choose a heavier fabric. Light cottons are pretty, but they’ll let the cold right through. You might even consider lining your curtains for extra warmth. Choose a heavier organic upholstery or an organic cotton flannel for maximum coziness.

For even more insulating power, try combining your new, heavy curtains with a draft dodger made to fit on the windowsill.

What other crafty ways have you used to reduce those heating bills? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by jamesjordan]

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