Clothing + Fashion: How to Shorten Bra Straps

shortening bra straps (1 of 1)

I’m really short, y’all.

And I have really big breasts.

Bra makers don’t like that about me. If their shoulder straps are short enough, then they don’t make my cup size. And if they make my cup size, then their shoulder straps are waaaaaay too long.

If there’s anything non-standard about you, then you know that it can be ridiculous trying to find off-the-rack clothing that fits you just right. That’s why I LOVE refashioning clothing!

Even though bras, in particular, are the product of major engineering, there are still some easy ways to alter them for a better fit. And one of them is just perfect for all you busty little shorties like me!

So if your cup size is right but your shoulder straps are too long, here’s the fix:

shortening bra straps (1 of 3)
This is the strap end that you’ll detach and then sew back on.

1. Find the place where the strap is sewn to itself. A bra strap is not a Mobius strip–it’s got some place where the end is tacked back down, probably around the ring at the top of the cup. Find this place.

2. Figure out how much you want to shorten your strap. My straps were on the tightest setting and still way too long, so I wanted to tighten mine a LOT–basically to half their current length. However much you want to shorten your straps, remember that there will be some wiggle room, since you’ll still be able to adjust your straps after they’re shortened.

shortening bra straps (2 of 3)
Mark the place where you want the strap to end. Do it in chalk, and it’ll wash right out.

To shorten the straps, you’ll be sewing the strap back to itself further down–basically making that little loop around the ring a lot bigger–so use chalk to mark the spot where you want to reattach the strap end. Mark the same spot on the other strap.

shortening bra straps (3 of 3)
Be careful with that seam ripper, so you don’t damage your strap.

3. Take it apart. Use your seam ripper to carefully undo the stitching that holds the strap end to itself, and pull out all the loose threads–they’d be itchy!

4. Sew it back down. Hand-sew the strap end to its new spot, taking care to do so VERY sturdily! My hand-stitching is super messy and ugly, but I don’t care, because it does the job.

5. Repeat. Do the exact same thing to the other strap, and they’ll be nice and even…

…and short!


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  3. So helpful! Was going nuts dealing with loose straps and droopy boobs for years! Can’t wait to finally have bras that fit!

  4. Thank you. I have been wearing to bras to get the support I need but always felt all I needed was shorter straps. I hope this is the solution ?

  5. Very helpful post. Do you have a solution for sports bras that don’t have the standard bra straps i.e. one continuous piece? Thanks Julie!

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