Christmas Cleanup: 5 Things to Save for Your Craft Stash

Christmas Cleanup: 5 Things to Save for Your Craft Stash

“So much stuff!” That’s what I kept saying last night as I began my dreaded Christmas cleanup. The only bright spot in the process was finding new materials for my craft stash. And I’m not talking about bows, wrap and cards. Those are no-brainers. So here are five Christmas leftovers that you can now use to craft your way through 2015.


Once they’re tapped out, I use plastic gift cards as a mini palettes for paints. They wash up easily and they’re just big enough for those small crafts that only require a few squirts of paint. You can also use these cards as a painting tool – kind of like a scraper.


How many glass ornaments do you usually break when you’re taking your tree down? I know, it’s such a bummer to sweep those pretty little shards of glass into a dustpan. Well don’t toss them into the garbage! Instead, make glass glitter. Put your broken glass ornaments into a plastic bag and then crush them with a rolling pin. If you’re strong, you can crush them downΒ to super-small bits. Remember, this is glass Β – so I wouldn’t let the kids use this stuff. Store your glass glitter in a container and remember to be careful when you use it.


Pine needles on the floor. Pine needles under the sofa. Pine needles in your hair. Once you drag that poor tree to the curb, there’s usually a trail of green left behind. (And not the green we eco-friendly people love.) I say sweep those needles up and use them for future craft projects. Use them like you would dried rice. Dump the pine needles into a plastic bag with a little craft paint and you can make them any color you want.

Christmas Cleanup: 5 Things to Save for Your Craft Stash


I’ve got cookie tins of every size and shape. What can I say – my neighbors like to bake. I don’t like storing the tins away for next year. And I certainly won’t pitch them. So I turn these tins into storage containers for my craft supplies. Markers in one. Paint brushes in another – you get the idea. If the snowmen and candy canes on the tin bug you, then just spray paint the tins or cover them with some ribbon. It’s OK to get crafty with your craft supplies.


Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a great policy to have when so many new toys come into the house at once. But before you throw everything into the donation box, see if there are any game pieces or tiny action figures that you might want to keep. These things can make adorable additions to all sorts of craft projects.

Christmas Cleanup: 5 Things to Save for Your Craft Stash


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