Cats in Hats: You’re Welcome (+ a giveaway!)

Cats in Hats

Cats in Hats: You're Welcome (+ giveaway!)

You want to make a hat for your cat.

Let’s just establish that, okay? Like, trying to deny it and pretending that cats in hats isn’t an interest of yours are just not going to be options here.

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So, you want to make a hat for your cat. But where to begin? Cat hat pattern-drafting can be fiddly, and who wants to waste time on an infinite variety of non-functional cat hats, when what you really want is to see your cat in an adorable hat NOW?!?

Friends, have I got the book for you!

Cats in Hats, by Sara Thomas, features 30 knitting and crochet patterns for hats for your beloved kitty cat. Some hats, such as the dinosaur hat, or the cowboy hat, or the unicorn (yes, there IS a UNICORN!!!!1!!!!!), can be worn by your cat year-round, while other hats are for special occasions. There’s a Santa hat and an elf hat for Christmas, a bunny hat for Easter, a witch’s hat and a candy corn hat for Halloween, and much, much more.

There are more knitting patterns in the book than crochet, but if you self-identify as a happy hooker you can still make the unicorn, and the lion, and a pretty great pom-pom hat, and seven more.

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Because cat hats are small, these projects are quick to make, great for learning any new techniques present in the patterns, because you’ll get almost immediate gratification. These projects are great for kids who knit or crochet, because kids want to make something FUN, not a boring old sweater, and they’re great to make as gifts, again because they’re quick, and again because they’re fun, but also because you can guarantee that your recipient absolutely does NOT already have a top hat for his/her cat.

I mean, you can probably guarantee this. I don’t know your friends.

I’d suggest organic cotton or bamboo yarn for anything that you want to use for an animal. Obviously, you want to save the hat-wearing for that chill time after the cat is fed and comfy, and you never want to leave the cat unsupervised while it’s wearing a hat or other adorable clothing items. Plying the cat with treats while it’s wearing its hat, however, is, of course, an excellent idea. And really, there’s no room for wishful thinking here. Come on, you KNOW if your cat would never in a thousand years wear a hat, and that’s okay. Love your cat for who it is–some cats are hat wearers, and some are not.

And this brings me to the Easter egg cat hat, pictured above. This hat is NOT in the book. Instead, you can win this Easter egg cat hat pattern, AND all the yarn needed to make it, AND knitting needles, AND a copy of the book Cats in Hats!

Here are the official deets:

This contest will run from 3/16 to 3/30 @ 12 AM EST. The grand prize winner will receive ONE prize pack that includes a copy of the book, an EXCLUSIVE hat pattern from Sara Thomas, and the yarn necessary to complete the pattern. FIVE runners up will receive a copy of the book. Winners will be contacted by email and must reply within 48 hours of the notification email with address and acceptance. Please note that winners can be from the US only. 

To enter, use this handy Rafflecopter widget here:

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Photo credit: Easter egg cat hat via Sara Thomas

I received a free copy of Cats in Hats from the publisher, because somebody out there loves me and wants me to be happy. 

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